小綠: 落花人獨立
January 5, 2007, 6:55 pm
Filed under: 小綠步行日誌 The Walk

英倫冬日陰寒苦雨,有客皆嫌此地生活苦悶無聊,冬日既短,美食欠奉。蓋亦不無道理。英國四季頗為分明,人皆愛長夏;藝術文化保存尤佳,過客萬千,姿釆紛陳。英國詩人森姆‧約翰遜說: 一個人如個厭倦了倫敦,也一定是厭倦了生命。人必須有個人志趣,愛群居,也愛獨處;孤單之自由夢魂無拘檢,靜夜讀書、寫作、或共剪西窗,其樂無窮。苦悶與否,存乎一心;豈因時地而異。



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This poem reminds me of our visit to the Royal Academy of Arts last summer. We saw the exhibition on Chinese emperors. Hope we can visit the Royal Academy during a weekend to see their latest exhibition.

Comment by Simon Tan

It brought me many memories of England in the old days – bitter and sweet. In balance, they are memorable pages in my life that is precious and keep me going in rainy days. Friendship is precious. I often wonder perhaps the memories are so loop-sided, that perhaps I have gradually faded out of their minds. In a way is sad how fragile friendship can be, in other ways one can’t help to control other people’s feelings or even more remotely their memories. Neverthelss, my memories are mine alone, and I will savour them under my own terms. Someday, sometime, somehow…

Comment by Lai Shan

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