Frustrations & A Proposal
January 11, 2007, 11:09 pm
Filed under: The Beginning

Not knowing how to surf the web and reply is annoying, yet I am learning every day.  Joined the Ramblers Club and leave an appeal note at the User’s Forum, however, as a novice user, I still do not know how to read the incoming letters and to reply.  I simply do not know whether those letters were for me!

I like the bookstore Waterstones at Russell Square best, the one next to University of London, the period building, the atmosphere.  But the 5 storey Waterstones at Regent’s Street at Piccadilly Circus is most comfortable with lots of comfy sofas.  I read a bit of James Joyce tonight after dinner at London Chinatown, and nearly fell into doze.

Had dinner with Simon Tan tonight.  His father’s relative, and a few Samaritan good citizen in Hong Kong did call him with regard to the article looking for his mother.  There is still no news about the whereabout of his mom.  I made a telephone call to thank the journalist who helped Simon to publish his story and Simon proposed to her on the phone.  He is such a lovely guy and hope this will not scare our good natured journalist! 


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I remember our delightful dinner in China Town on 11 January and we went to Waterstones in Piccadilly Circus afterwards. We should do it again sometime.

Comment by Simon Tan

The lovely jouralist you mentioned in your blog actually sent me an email from Hong Kong asking me to visit and she is willing to be my tour guide. I replied her email asking if her flat has a guest room, if so, then I would consider a visit to the city known as the Oriental Pearl.

Comment by Simon Tan

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