Volunteering: A Myth
January 13, 2007, 12:59 am
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This morning, the Chinese cleaning lady came to the house at 9am as usual, and I answered the door.  Minutes later a Kosovo lady opened the door with keys to do the cleaning.  Obviously my Indian landlady does not need 2 cleaning ladies, and there must a lack of communication or confusion.   The Kosovo lady got the keys from my landlady yesterday and asked to come this morning.  Therefore my landlady must  either be in such a haste forgetting to inform the Chinese cleaning lady not to come, or the Chinese cleaning lady simply did not understand her message.  However, I overheard them persuading each other staying behind to do the cleaning job, for 5 minutes……………

The Chinese Information and Advice Centre hasd been very lucky to secure the voluntary services of LAW Kam Sang JP as their CEO for 2 years.  He just stepped down from the voluntary post in the New Year, however, he will continue with his other voluntary services within the Chinese community.  Mr. Law served as the Deputy Secretary to the Legislative Council in Hong Kong before his retirement.  It is a milestone in the voluntary services of the Chinese community in the United Kingdom that people of such calibre and dedication served as an unpaid worker for such duration.  His departure will be a huge loss to CIAC, and to the Chinese community as a whole.

Can the Islington Chinese Association have the luck to recruit a voluntary CEO for 2 years?  Is this by chance or a myth?


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It is a chance. We have a lot of problem, so far, to employ a good waitress or waiter in Pattaya. We have changed more than 10 persons to do the job less than a year. Fortunately, I met and spoke a Chinese young lady in the shop. Yes, she will be the right and good one for our restuarant. Yes, she has promised to work for us.
A chance first, and then we need to know how to meet this person’s needs…….

Comment by winnie luk

Hope everything will fly off at Pattaya!

Comment by stephencanwalk

There is a web site called REACH where you can register your interest in seeking an unpaid honorary Chief Executive. They have a lot of retired executives seeking unpaid voluntary work.

Comment by Simon Tan

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