小綠: 長恨此身非我有
January 18, 2007, 10:03 pm
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將華人協會喚作依拉克戰場,誰弱誰強?誰是美帝?誰又是侯賽因  (一譯撒達姆 )?


大江東去,浪淘盡,千古風流人物。故壘西邊,人道是、三國周郎赤壁。亂石崩雲,驚濤裂岸,捲起千堆雪。江山如畫,一時多少豪傑。  遙想公瑾當年,小喬初嫁了,雄姿英發。羽扇綸巾,談笑間、強虜灰飛煙滅。故國神遊,多情應笑我,早生華髮。人間如夢,一尊還酹江月。



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If you can accept thing, do not demand so much, you will feel much better in your life. We need to enjoy our life every day.
We know the characteristics of human character..we love to fight with each other , hate with each other…treat all the problems are kinds of challenging….

Comment by winnie luk

Dr ng

Can you please write PLAIN CHINESE – can’t understand what you ‘quoted’. What are you trying to say??? Am I illiterate or are you too literate????


Comment by BUMBLE BEE


I was there…. and I have improve, but I was forced to impove myself… When people around you gave you a look of despise or contempt, you have to think…: Am I commit a big crime? Am I that low? ..,.,;.,;., So, I have to change otherwise my family will leave me.

But Dalai Lama said that temper is good, one can easily use it as part of our good energy??? Well, I don’t know. Perhaps there is no right or wrong on this tiny earth….

But one thing I know is that anger hurt oneself, mor than hurt other people, so what’s the point? Why hurt oneself that other people, may be wouldn’t know , or care?



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