A Generous Donation: Sylvia Au-Yeung
February 8, 2007, 10:53 pm
Filed under: The Beginning

Sylvia Au-Yeung Lee Wai Chau is a One Thousand Club member of the Islington Chinese Association, at present, there are 10 One Thousand Club members who had kindly contributed £1,000 to become Life Member of the Associaiton.   All of these will go into the Capital Fund to redevelope the current building into a New Centre of Excellence in patnership with St. John Amublance.  On the 8th February 2007, Sylvia donated another £10,000, apart from a separate donation of £3,000 pounds made earlier last year for the re-building project.  If there are more people who contribute to the welfare and future of the Chinese community in the United Kingdom generously like Sylvia, we may not have to struggle so hard for survival.  We will continue to volunteer! 


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Does Miss Au-Yeung really believe in her ‘so-called’ generosity Or is this just the beginning of everyone’s nightmare???? HAHA!!!!!

Comment by Miss Grumpie

Please please don’t be rude!

Comment by stephencanwalk

Miss Grumpie please please don’t be rude.

Comment by stephencanwalk

how can you say I’m rude when I’m Haha-ing!!! Can you not hear my laughter in the air!? Generosity comes from one’s heart and starts from home. It should not cause unnecessary hazzle or inconvenience to the world or people around them!!!!!!!

Comment by miss grumpie

Please be kind!

Comment by stephencanwalk

Don’t lecture me on ‘kindness’ – this I have already given out too much. What I also have is anger!!!

Comment by Miss Grumpie

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