Have Pity
February 13, 2007, 2:14 am
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When it is difficult to employ an eligible and willing replacement to deliver Chinese meals on the wheels to vulunerable people, I volunteer to take up the delivery task.  As a trustee of the charity providing the services, I could not get pay, not a penny.  It is because of the small amount of taxable earning, many able people chose to be on the dole rather than doing menial work.

Many of the Chinese entitled to the meals delivery services are singletons or do not live with their children.  Some are literally being deserted and some will not utter a word about their past.  Most of them live in squalid Council properties.  It is unbelivable that except the bare and torn walls, some have no furniture at all.  Windows are never opened in the Winter, the room is full of poisonous and horrid smell, noone would stay inside for a second.  At noon, some of them are still lying in bed, a lot are suffering from strokes; for those who can’t easily move, we got keys to the doors.  Most of them are still in their pyjamas.  I am told they repeated the same request or dialogue each day.  Their hands are filthy and trembling, their body stinks.  No sensible people could live in such a horrible and appalling state.  It is more than hell, even homelessness is more agreeable. 

Very few carers are willing to work for them, I feel most grateful for those carers who are doing the cleaning job and looking after these most vulunerable people.  Without the caring services, these people will not live long.

There are only very very few older and disabled people looking after themseves well, tidy and clean.  Why are so many Chinese older people surviving in such a punishing state in the Borough of Islington in Lonodn?  Have pity!


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I feel terrible to hear all these upsetting living conditions of those old Chinese. As living in London is so expensive, it is very difficult to have an empty house as Portsmouth, Friendship House which was refurbished by Portsmouth Chinese Association as elderly home. It is run very successfully to look after those old people. Islington (ICA) has already done a lot a lot good deed, salute!

Comment by winnie luk

路是自己行出來的!有時可以有選擇, 有時豪無選擇,皆因決定只可由別人去做, 自已也豪不介意, 更不理会後果是如何! 你覺得可怕的環境可能被他們視乎人間溫室. 記得曾幾何時我也發出類似的remarks, 你便話我挑Tick (對不起,不識寫這個中文字)! 你話沒有什麽地方是不可以住人的!現在看你這篇日事看得出你的要求比以前高了! 真是可喜可賀,因為你再不会笑我snobbish!!!!


Comment by bumblebee

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