A noble Dedication: Katy Tse-Blair
March 3, 2007, 10:02 pm
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Katy Kam Har Tse-Blair, a Co-founder of the Islington Chinese Associationa and the Fund-raising Director, in the 2007 March managemnet committee, volunteered to become a Free worker of the Association.  Although she has been working as a part tmer for the charity for 20 years since its inception, she only accepts half of the pay for a number of years, and virtually she works as hard as, if not harded than, any full timer.  Now she will not receive any wages.

Amazed by the members, on the following day at the daily Luncheon Club Katy promised to donate £1,000 (one thousand pounds) per month as from March 2007 for 1 year .  Her noble act was highly appreciated by all members present, there was a thunderous applaud and many hearty smiles.  Indeed, this generous donation has no string attached.  In the past 20 years, Katy has worked tirleessly for the Chinese community in the United Kingdom and her contribution can not be measured in terms of money.  We will give her a big hug!


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Salute! Kathy.
Hope to see you again.

Comment by winnie luk

My proposed action does not expect to receive a ‘salute’! It’s neither worth a ‘thunderous applause’ as Dr Ng said! These are all irrelevant.It’s disheartening that even IF I do not get paid and prepared to donate, it will not help the community to become stronger. On the contrary, the gesture is not appreciated and the Association’s financial concern seems too personal!

Comment by katy Tse-blair

Nina Wang Kung Yu-sum, Asia’s richest woman, has died, leaving behind a fortune of HK$32.7 billion – and speculation about who or what will get the money.

So, Katy is doing the right thing, give when you can.

Comment by loklee

Nina’s estate for charity is expected to be as much as 100 billion Hong Kong Dollars. It is disheartened to learn that her will is now being disputed! Riches also creates loads of unnecesary evils.


Comment by stephencanwalk

I have always admired the outstanding and remarkably wonderful work done by Katy.

Comment by Simon Tan

You have done a great job for the Chinese community in London,God bless you for your good deed.


Comment by mlh

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