After Changing Fortunes 力爭上游後
April 30, 2007, 2:55 pm
Filed under: CHANGING FORTUNES 時來運到

The Musical Changing Fortunes was performed at the Pentland Theatre, Arts Depot at North London on 14-15 April 2007.  They were well received and attended by hundreds of musical and arts lovers.  Though ticket sale was not excellent, but the attendace was about 70% for each performance, not bad at all for a community production.  For those who haved missed it, it is a rare occasion for the Chinese community to produce such a wonderful work by the promising young Chinese voluntary artists and talents.  Hopefully this will be an enlightenment to the community as a whole.  Katy Tse-Blair had received a rapturous applaud acting as the agonising-demanding mum.  I had however, lost 1 line in the first performance, which turned out to be perfect as the non-Chinese speaking audience did not notice any flops.   In the second performance, with so many old faces from the Chinese community in the audience, as soon as I glanced at their smiling faces, I could not help laughing when walking onto the stage.  This immediate inflames the mum and then the daughter, they were supposed to enter into a hot argument and then mother suffering from heart attack as a consequence, into involuntary laughs.  In return, the audeince bursted into louder laughters.  It is so spontaneous and instant, such is the sheer joy of theatre.  We tried our best to act and communicate, the audience loved it.  A thousand thanks to the untireling prodcution team, the stagehands, the voluntary actors.

Islingotn Chinese Association has tried its utmost in pathfinding and providing the changing needs and servies to the Chinese and the wider community.  The second musical is a huge commitment and success!! 


星期日下午演出第二場時,已經少了首演時的緊張和新鮮感。出場前已偷偷瞄了觀眾席一眼,座中前排多是熟悉了十多年來自華人社區的面孔。也在同一幕母女對峙期間,我竟然忍俊不住自行微笑起來;微笑就像傳染病,母親笑了,女兒笑了;觀眾跟著哄堂大笑,一發不可收拾………………. 原本是母女口角後,母親心臟病發,也因著笑聲而延遲了。



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