Job Searching Again 再找工的日子
August 19, 2007, 1:05 pm
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It is really an expeience looking for a job after a year’s break.  You will have to go through all that excitement and preparation some 30 years ago, but without much of the original nervousness and eagerness.  London is a great metropolis with many openings, but will a particular opening good enough for you?  You do get and do not get a job for millions of reasons, you need not writing back to prospective employers for the post-mortem while they have apologised for the unsuccessful interviews and wishing you all the good fortune in your future job hunting endeavours.   Just enjoy the process of looking for jobs, trying your best and prepare for the worst.  Life is more than a process of getting back to the working mode.  In my small case, I may have too many ideas and enjoyed too much of meeting the Human Resources personnel.  If it is really difficult to get back as an employee, I will have to start minding my own business.

停了下來一年,又到再找工作逍遙的日子。找工作當然有它獨特的程序,尋尋找找,寫信電郵面試;看看你要想怎麼樣的工作,僱主又要甚麼樣的人材。世界這麼大,做甚麼工作也算是 一種緣份,總不能太勉强。三十多年後再找工作,足證人生不斷變化,充滿機遇,充滿工作的喜悅。我也不是耽於義務工作,樂此不疲,借藉口懶於生計。不似其他一些公民可以倚賴救濟金生活,我輩只有腳踏實地工作;找不到伙記的工作,不如自己做老闆好了。其實,做老闆可更是擔驚買怕的工作呢!


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