Chinese Elvis in Weakest Link this Saturday 中國貓王秀
September 14, 2007, 1:11 pm
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Paul Courtenay-Hyu, the Chinese Elvis Presley, will appear in the Weakest Link to be aired on Saturday 15 September 2007 BBC1 at 6:30pm.  Paul very kindly donated part of the funds raised in the programme to Islington Chinese Association.

中國貓王秀許保羅星期六晚出現在英國電視臺節目: 「最弱的一環」;2007年九月十五日晚上六時三十分 BBC1臺。該節目所籌得善款部份將會捐贈依士靈頓華人協會,無言感激。


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The show was terrific and many congratulations to Paul in winning the weakest link. By now Paul is the Strongest Link and the most recognized Chinese Elvis in the world. Thank you Paul for generously donating part of the winning sum to the Islington Chinese Association. You have not forgotten your root!

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