KUNGPAO China Rock Revival Band UK Tour
May 15, 2010, 11:28 am
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捷克公報搖滚樂隊成員穿中式服飾, 食中國菜, 唱中國歌. 樂隊是最早在國外成立的仿唱中國搖滚音樂的一個組合, 全部以國語及中國各地方言演出,標誌着捷克和中國兩地文化的交流. 曾在全世界多國巡迴演出一百多場. 2006年参加在北京電視台, 中央電視台, 鳳凰衛視春節才藝大賽, 在三億多觀众前亮相.

Kungpao is a Czech band with more than a decade of existence, whose repertoire consists mainly of cover versions of Chinese rock hits from 1980’s on, for many of which besides “traditional rock instruments”, some of the Chinese traditional instruments are also used. The band sings only in Chinese (and also its dialects, including the Czech sub-dialect). One of the innovations of the last couple of years, exceeding the original production plan, are remakes of Czechoslovak underground songs, as well as adding music to Chinese lyrics of various authors.

乐队的选曲非常广泛,如中国民乐《阿里山的姑娘》、《凤阳花鼓》,港台流行音乐《对面的女孩看过来》、《爱情你我他》,以及崔健、许巍、汪锋、田震、、 王菲、 张楚等人的摇滚音乐; 更包融了鮑家街43號, 零點樂隊, 唐朝, 超載樂隊 等40餘首中國搖滚樂曲 。这些中国人十分熟悉的音乐经过他们演奏,令人耳目一新。乐队成员何志達, 梁文欽, 路凱士, 米克, 何陽等都是漢學家, 雖 然不是专业演员出身,但个个都是多面手,不仅掌握吉他、贝斯、键盘等西洋现代乐器,还人人都有拿手绝活,二胡、琵琶、笛子、古筝,笙这些中国传统乐器都在他们的音乐中扮演着重要角色。


18/5/2010 Tuesday at 7pm, Raynor Lounge, University of Sheffield Students Union, Western Bank S10 2TG

22/5/2010 Saturday at 5pm, Islington Chinese Association 21 Hatchard Road London N19 4NG, Enquiries: 020-72635986. Ticket: £5 Cash Bar Services 協會設有酒吧


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