Traditional Chinese Dance Tutor Wanted 尋找中國舞蹈教師
August 30, 2007, 6:21 pm
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Islington Chinese Association is setting up a Chinese Arts & Cultural Centre for Children between the age of 6-18.  We desperately need a tutor who can teach traditional Chinese dance on Saturdays from 11.30am to 1pm.  We also plan to split the class into junior and senior classes when there are more students.  The dance class will be followed by a traditional Chinese instrumental music ensemble on Saturdays.  Please help if you know anyone who can assist: email:, tel: 020-72635986



After Changing Fortunes 力爭上游後
April 30, 2007, 2:55 pm
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The Musical Changing Fortunes was performed at the Pentland Theatre, Arts Depot at North London on 14-15 April 2007.  They were well received and attended by hundreds of musical and arts lovers.  Though ticket sale was not excellent, but the attendace was about 70% for each performance, not bad at all for a community production.  For those who haved missed it, it is a rare occasion for the Chinese community to produce such a wonderful work by the promising young Chinese voluntary artists and talents.  Hopefully this will be an enlightenment to the community as a whole.  Katy Tse-Blair had received a rapturous applaud acting as the agonising-demanding mum.  I had however, lost 1 line in the first performance, which turned out to be perfect as the non-Chinese speaking audience did not notice any flops.   In the second performance, with so many old faces from the Chinese community in the audience, as soon as I glanced at their smiling faces, I could not help laughing when walking onto the stage.  This immediate inflames the mum and then the daughter, they were supposed to enter into a hot argument and then mother suffering from heart attack as a consequence, into involuntary laughs.  In return, the audeince bursted into louder laughters.  It is so spontaneous and instant, such is the sheer joy of theatre.  We tried our best to act and communicate, the audience loved it.  A thousand thanks to the untireling prodcution team, the stagehands, the voluntary actors.

Islingotn Chinese Association has tried its utmost in pathfinding and providing the changing needs and servies to the Chinese and the wider community.  The second musical is a huge commitment and success!! 


星期日下午演出第二場時,已經少了首演時的緊張和新鮮感。出場前已偷偷瞄了觀眾席一眼,座中前排多是熟悉了十多年來自華人社區的面孔。也在同一幕母女對峙期間,我竟然忍俊不住自行微笑起來;微笑就像傳染病,母親笑了,女兒笑了;觀眾跟著哄堂大笑,一發不可收拾………………. 原本是母女口角後,母親心臟病發,也因著笑聲而延遲了。


Chinese Musical of 2007 Not to be Missed: ‘Changing Fortunes’
March 20, 2007, 7:48 pm
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Changing FortunesChanging FortunesChinese Musical of 2007 Not to be Missed: ‘Changing Fortunes’ 

Chinese Musical of 2007 Not to be Missed: ‘Changing Fortunes’

Tickets for the second musical production Changing Fortunes by the CEYE of Islington Chinese Association is on sale now at the artsdepot.  For those who have missed their first performance When Yellow River Meets the Thames, this is a musical not to be missed by the Chinese and wider community living in the United Kingdom. 

CEYE (Chinese Energetic Youth Enthusiasts) conceived and performing this bi-lingual musical on 14 April 2007 Saturday at 7pm and 15 April 2007 at 3pm at the Pentland Theatre, Arts Depot.  Tickets are available now at £8, and concessionary at £5.

The musical is about the sheer determination and high drama of a 4 Chinese Spice Girl’s band, the CEYE, struggling to win a singing competition and rise to fame.  Love among the peers and conflicts between Chinese younger people and the more traditional family values are enthralling scenes.  Directed and managed by a professional production team, 14 songs, couple of choreographed dances and involving a cast of some 30 amateur arts lovers, Changing Fortunes is an enlightening performance excellent for family entertainment. 

 For further information and tickets sale, please contact the Islington Chinese Association at 33 Giesbach Road London N19 3DA , tel. 020-72635986 The production is supported by the Arts Council England and sponsored by Cooks Delight, Sunnyfield Vegetable Ltd., Dermacia Pharmacy, Chinese Artist Page and Dragon Page.

Tickets can also be purchased at artsdepot. 5 Nether Street, North Finchley, London N12 0GA. Telephone: 020 8369 5454, Fax: 020 8369 5454.

(artsdepot is situated between West Finchley, Finchley Central and Woodside Park tube stations on the Northern Line. West Finchley and Woodside Park are the closest stations, approximately half a mile away, but Finchley Central has the best bus link, with frequent buses along Ballards Lane (approx 3 minutes journey) . Buses 134, 263, 82, 125, 221, 460

Picture 1:  Dancers Rehearsing for Changing Fortunes

Picture 2: the 4 Spice Girls rehearsing

2007年華人文化盛事: 音樂劇力爭上游 

倫敦依士靈頓華人協會青社創作第二音樂舞台劇「力爭上游」(前譯時來運到)定於2OO74月14日(星期六)晚上七時及15日(星期日)下午三時於北倫敦藝術中心(artsdepot)演出。門票現正出售,票價一律八鎊, 長者及兒童特惠票價五鎊。有意購票人士可到依士靈頓華人協會查詢預訂,地址 33 Giesbach Road London N19 3DA, 電話: 020-72635986


「力爭上游」得到英國文化藝術局資助部份製作費用;也誠蒙華人商家家樂厨、生利蔬菜公司、DermaciaCAPage Dragon Page等鼎力贊助,音樂劇力爭上游才可以打造成為2007年度英國華人文化盛事 

 鄰近北倫敦朋友可以直接到劇院票房購票: artsdepot. 5 Nether Street, North Finchley, London N12 0GA. 電話: 020 8369 5454 電郵: 020 8369 5454.

(artsdepot 劇院位於West Finchley, Finchley Central Woodside Park 黑線地鐵站之間.West Finchley Woodside Park 站較近, 距離劇院約半里路程; Finchley Central 站可在Ballards Lane 轉乘巴士(車程約三分鐘). 巴士134, 263, 82, 125, 221, 460 均可到達劇院。 

圖片一: 舞蹈員聞歌起舞全力綵排

圖片二 : 四名伶牙俐齒女演員正在琢磨角色

Dancers for musical: Changing Fortunes 愛舞者大召集
February 22, 2007, 3:21 pm
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As you probably know that CEYE is in the stage of preparing our second bi-lingual musical to be staged on 14, 15 April 2007 at the Arts Depot, it’s still not too late to join us if you missed our audition earlier this month!

Although all the main roles have been filled, we still have opportunity for you to join us as part of the ensemble.  If you just want to have some experience and fun in taking part without too much acting and memorising of the script, this part is for you!  This is a mainly group dancing role with limite acting.  It involves no solo singing, dancing or acting, therefore you can feel at ease to perform as part of the big group without too much pressure.

The stage at Arts Depot is huge, so the bigger the cast, the better it’ll look.  Your participation will surely make our cast an attractive and successful one!  Do drop Karen an email: so that arrangements can be made for you to come to see us asap!  (The next rehearsal is at the Islington Chinese Association Saturday 24 February 2007 at 1-5pm) Please do make contact with Karen Kwok, Co-Production Manager, before making your journey!

I love rehearsals: Changing fortunes
February 19, 2007, 6:46 pm
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The second rehearsal took place at ICA last Sunday was wonderful.  We worked continuously for 4 hours on the first 2 scenes under the directorship of Elizabeth Burville.  As the artists begin to know each other better, sometime we are confused by their real names and their names in the musical.  There are many young talents in the cast as the script begins to take shape.  First thing is to be off the script which we will be trying really hard in the coming weeks.  It is a dilemma that a few main characters have to attend Sunday church thus missing the rehearsal.  How do we choose between church services and reheasals when there are only 8 weeks ahead curtain calls?


First Rehearsal & Donation: 時來運到
February 11, 2007, 3:55 pm
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10th February 2007 was the first rehearsal at ICA, some 20 youth came up before 1pm as scheduled.  Amy Ip and Karen Kwok took up the duties of organizing group reading of the script, some theatre games and ended with a chorus singing at 5pm.  While the rehearsal was going in earnest, a couple of youth came in two hours late.  They were severely reprimanded by Amy and asked to give valid reasons for turning up so late without prior notice to the Production Managers.  Discipline is vital in order to carry out the tight rehearasl schedule of only 9 weeks before performances on 14 & 15 April 2007.  Bravo Amy!

Sue Liu of Sunnyfield Vegetables Ltd. generously sponsoring £1,000 in support of the youth musical project. 


緊張又充滿刺激,雙語話劇「時來運到」第一次綵排;青少年男女演員都是英語不錯,廣東話差強人意,甚至看不大懂。 ‘Changing Fortunes’ 譯作「時來運到」抑或「力爭上游」;都是不了了之。


The First step: Veronica Needa
January 20, 2007, 6:54 pm
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This morning the production team has the first meeting at 10-12 noon.  Everyone is excited with this long awaited project, I must admit that the small professional team is really professional and grasped the importance of being serious.  Only 9 weeks towards the curtain calls!  We will have the audition on 3rd February 2007 and the first round of publicity has been out and out.  The auditon panel is affirmed, hopefully we will have a large bunch of musical enthusiasts attracted to the Changing Fortunes.

Hats off for Veronica Needa who has been intrumental to the materialization of the stage production and being a selfless mentor to the Changing Fortunes!