A noble Dedication: Katy Tse-Blair
March 3, 2007, 10:02 pm
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Katy Kam Har Tse-Blair, a Co-founder of the Islington Chinese Associationa and the Fund-raising Director, in the 2007 March managemnet committee, volunteered to become a Free worker of the Association.  Although she has been working as a part tmer for the charity for 20 years since its inception, she only accepts half of the pay for a number of years, and virtually she works as hard as, if not harded than, any full timer.  Now she will not receive any wages.

Amazed by the members, on the following day at the daily Luncheon Club Katy promised to donate £1,000 (one thousand pounds) per month as from March 2007 for 1 year .  Her noble act was highly appreciated by all members present, there was a thunderous applaud and many hearty smiles.  Indeed, this generous donation has no string attached.  In the past 20 years, Katy has worked tirleessly for the Chinese community in the United Kingdom and her contribution can not be measured in terms of money.  We will give her a big hug!


Eat Humble Pie
March 2, 2007, 12:33 am
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Why can’t people be humuliated?  H.D. Thoreau said: ‘Humility, like darkness, reveals the heavenly lights.’  Why some members of the Islington Chinese Association  look at the speck in another’s eye and pay no attention to the log in their own eye.  It is sad that people are arrogant, self conceited and inconsiderate.  Phillip Brooks said: ‘The true way to be humble is not to stop till you are smaller than yourself, but to stand at your real height against some higher nature that shall show you the real smallness of your greatest greatness’ in Mainland China
February 16, 2007, 1:13 am
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A friend told me that he/she can not read my blog at the in Mainland China.  I do not know whether this is true of not, or just she could not read my there.  Although I am a so called armchair Socialist, Demorcratic activist, enen an Anarchist quite a while ago, I do not think my writing will be of any threat to any person.  I do not honestly think I can win over the powerful Chinese state machinery at this moment.  Can people in Mainland China read the  I will be at a miss since my bilingual blog is primarily aimed at Chinese readers!

China in London and 48 Group Club Dinner
February 16, 2007, 1:00 am
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There was the Shanghai Week Opening reception at the Langham Hotel which is owned by Hong Kong business people.  Mayor of London Ken Livingstone and the Chinese Ambassador made speeches welcoming the cooperation of the 2 countries.  Ambassdor Zha , after 4 and half years in the UK, will retire in March 2007, while his wife Madame Zhang will become the Ambassador to Singapore.  There were quite a number of Chinese community leaders and representatives at the reception.

The 48 Group Ice-breakers Club Chinese New Year Banquet was held at Guildhall.  The event  was sold out many months ago even the Lord Mayor could not secure a table for the consecutive year.  Met a number of old friends there.  From the guest list, you can tell most of the business people, Chinese and English partners in Anglor-Chinese business, were there.  Jack Straw, Michael Helseltine, Lord Powel, and of course the Chinese Ambassdore and Madame Zhang were among the 500 guests.  Stephen Perry as Chairman of the 48 Goupe Club is a brilliant Icebreaker who has immense intersts in promoting the welfare and mutual benefits between the English and the Chinese people.  Hats off for Stephen Perry who is a charitable and honest Englishman and a friend of the Chinese people.

It is just a bit tiring these days all people are praising the muscle of New China, when some obviously do not know what they are talking about! 

Have Pity
February 13, 2007, 2:14 am
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When it is difficult to employ an eligible and willing replacement to deliver Chinese meals on the wheels to vulunerable people, I volunteer to take up the delivery task.  As a trustee of the charity providing the services, I could not get pay, not a penny.  It is because of the small amount of taxable earning, many able people chose to be on the dole rather than doing menial work.

Many of the Chinese entitled to the meals delivery services are singletons or do not live with their children.  Some are literally being deserted and some will not utter a word about their past.  Most of them live in squalid Council properties.  It is unbelivable that except the bare and torn walls, some have no furniture at all.  Windows are never opened in the Winter, the room is full of poisonous and horrid smell, noone would stay inside for a second.  At noon, some of them are still lying in bed, a lot are suffering from strokes; for those who can’t easily move, we got keys to the doors.  Most of them are still in their pyjamas.  I am told they repeated the same request or dialogue each day.  Their hands are filthy and trembling, their body stinks.  No sensible people could live in such a horrible and appalling state.  It is more than hell, even homelessness is more agreeable. 

Very few carers are willing to work for them, I feel most grateful for those carers who are doing the cleaning job and looking after these most vulunerable people.  Without the caring services, these people will not live long.

There are only very very few older and disabled people looking after themseves well, tidy and clean.  Why are so many Chinese older people surviving in such a punishing state in the Borough of Islington in Lonodn?  Have pity!

A Generous Donation: Sylvia Au-Yeung
February 8, 2007, 10:53 pm
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Sylvia Au-Yeung Lee Wai Chau is a One Thousand Club member of the Islington Chinese Association, at present, there are 10 One Thousand Club members who had kindly contributed £1,000 to become Life Member of the Associaiton.   All of these will go into the Capital Fund to redevelope the current building into a New Centre of Excellence in patnership with St. John Amublance.  On the 8th February 2007, Sylvia donated another £10,000, apart from a separate donation of £3,000 pounds made earlier last year for the re-building project.  If there are more people who contribute to the welfare and future of the Chinese community in the United Kingdom generously like Sylvia, we may not have to struggle so hard for survival.  We will continue to volunteer! 

From Mandala to Dreaming Spires 心中曼荼羅
February 5, 2007, 9:02 pm
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Katy Tse-Blair, Derek Baram and I went to Wolfson College, Oxford to preview Brenda Li’s water colour painting yesterday.  18 of her works painted in 2005 to 2006 are dislpayed at the serene exhibition hall overlooking the Cherwell River.  The spring sun was warm and the reflections on the painting, the people, the wine and fruit punch, the atmosphere are soft and lingering.  Among us, many young and outstanding Hong Kong University scholars furthering their research in Oxford University, Chris Li, Wai Man Chan………………………, the more matured including Sarah Wu, and of course the painter Brenda Li whose son is studying at Cambridge.   Brenda’s son likes Cambrige more than Oxford.  Half of the paintings are already sold and all proceeds will go to AMREF (African Medical and Research Foundation).  Exhibition is from 5-23 February 2007. 

到牛津大學烏辛學院參觀李惠玲水彩畫展,心中曼荼羅源於梵語,乃內心圓滿美善境界;滲入牛津頂角尖峰,時序四季遷變,情懷濃淡輕重,活現自畫像中。趁春光順道尋找盛名的鱒魚酒館 (Trout Inn) ,適值裝修至三月才重開,未能買醉。中途稍停威咸 (Wycombe) 一酒吧,與本地波牛一齊觀看英超。曼聯談笑用兵,客場輕取熱刺四比零;斯文好波的威爾斯國脚傑斯 (Ryan Giggs) 走位靈活,打進第四球。晚膳於鳳凰閣,喜遇傳聰夫人 Patsy, 英國華人高爾夫球會名譽會長鄧樹榮,泗和行董事長謝貴全等在座。